Gaucho Tradition


Chimarrão The chimarrão comes from the Indians from the south, the Guaranis. They used Erva Mate to make a sort of tea, which they prepared in a Cuia (a kind of bowl) that comes from the Porongo tree. They drank it through a metal straw called Bomba.

The Erva Mate is the crushed leaf of a plant whose scienfic name is Ilex Paraguariensis, and which is found in the jungles of the south of Brazil. It's a very special Gaucho beverage because of its cultural and nutritional importance, and is hardly found in other parts of the world.

Known as a sign of the Gaucho's friendly hospitality, the Chimarrão is served, if requested, among the Vento Haragano customers as in all Gaucho families.


The Pilcha is the typical dress of the south of Brazil, which began to be used in the dawn of the colonization of the Pampas. This typical dress is used nowadays by many Gauchos. The Bombacha (men's trousers) and the Prenda (women's dress) are colorful and are worn by many Gaucho couples.

Carreteiro Rice

Arroz Carreteiro The Carreteiro rice is a typical dish from the south that is made with rice, onions and jerked beef.

Jerked beef is a kind of meat that is salted and dried, and which is mostly used by the cowherds. On long journeys, they bring the jerked beef and mix it with rice, which is abundant in the state. That's the beginning of one of the most typical dishes in Brazil.



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